Premium Business Cards - 32pt Business Cards

Have all of the same great information on hand as a normal business card, but let yours stick out from the rest.  Painted edge business cards by THINK's My Custom Print Shop printing company! offer a custom color to be added onto the edge of your card.  Next time your card is in a stack of other white edge cards, yours will be the one your clients notice!  Numerous color options available.  Custom business cards come in multiple sizes with a variety of coatings including UV Gloss, Matte Coated and Premium Uncoated
(***cardstock must be 16pt or thicker)
**colors may bleed SLIGHTLY to the surface of the cards, this is most apparent when using dark colors

Standard Production time: 16-18 Business Days

  • VIP Cards
  • Frequent Customer Cards
  • Custom Business Cards
  • Custom Punch Cards
  • Stamp Cards
  • Discount Cards

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Premium Business Cards - 32pt Business Cards

32pt Business Cards are one of the absolute coolest and most effective premium business cards we currently offer! 

It’s one thing for your recipient to look at your business card, but it’s priceless when they are looking, interacting, and showing off your 32pt business cards to everyone they know. 

These thick business cards are the paper equivalent to our 30mil Plastic Premium Business Cards, equally sturdy, although created by adhering and silk laminating two 16pt premium business cards. 

32pt business cardsoffer several options which produce an unparalleled eye catching and very stylistic effect

  • Embossing - emboss one side of the business card without affecting the other, giving a unique texture and instant appeal 
  • Spot UV - add a gloss coat to strategic design elements to draw attention toward this focal point 
  • Foil add a metallic sheen to strategic design elements to draw attention toward this focal point 
  • Custom Die Cut - custom cut out a top layer to reveal purposeful design elements which cannot be ignored; adds texture and dimension 
  • Painted Edges  color the edges of your card to attract visual interest when stacked together or when independently set on a surface 

If you understand the value and impact of a first impression, 32pt business cards are the premium business cards of choice. Don’t waste a good design on another boring business card again. You will thank us later!  

Choose & customize from one of our design templates, upload your own design, or create your own design using our online designer. 

Whichever custom printing online method you choose, 32pt business cards are the new standard of premium business cards you need to print today! 

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