Premium Business Cards - Custom Shaped Die Cut Cool Business Cards  

Die cut business cards are a fantastic way to make your business card stand out from all the rest! Printed on heavy duty matte or glossy cover stock, die cut business cards give your logo personal shape and attitude!  Own a fish store? Make your cards in the shape and image of your favorite one! Selling houses? Your card can communicate that just by looking at the shape of the card!  THINK!’s My Custom Print shops custom shaped die cut business cards are sure to impress your clients!

Standard Production time: 16-18 Business Days

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  • Frequent Customer Cards
  • Custom Business Cards
  • Custom Punch Cards
  • Stamp Cards
  • Discount Cards

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Premium Business Cards - Custom Die Cut Business Cards  

Custom Die Cut Business Cards are a great example of our ‘thinking outside the box’ line of premium business cards

Die cut business cards offer the ability to create unique and custom shape business cards to fit and complement your overall design - maximizing visual impact and greatly increasing the effectiveness of your business interaction. 

As we referred to effectively make your own business cards online, it all starts with capturing your audience - immediately and intently.Custom die cut business cards allow you to easily and successfully capture your audience, while giving purposeful meaning to visual interpretation. 

For example - if you are in the automotive industry, custom shape your business card like a car, truck, wrench, etc..  Musicians can benefit from a microphone or instrument custom shaped business card; those working with animals can shape their card as a paw or silhouette of the specific animal. The options are only limited by your imagination. 

Creativity has always been one of the most effective marketing tools, and our custom die cut business cards are one of the most creative options you’ll have when printing your next set of premium business cards.  

Choose & customize from one of our design templates, upload your own design, or create your own design using our online designer. 

Whichever custom printing online method you choose, custom die cut business cards are a creative and impactful marketing tool you need today! 

Price / Quote Calculator

Most standard shapes are included as a standard die cut. IF* there is a high level of detail, small intricate cuts, or lots of hard edges then you must choose an upgraded die option. 

- Standard dies are great for general shapes and without close detail of very few hard edges

- Laser die cut are for intricate shapes, lots of cut outs and very close cuts. The laser die cut can produce some burn edges on white cards. If using a laser die cut please use a dark background.

- Premium die cut is a more detailed die cut for a high level of detail. 

Optional add-on. Add a layer of gloss or feature some of the items with a spot gloss uv. The customer can choose front/back or both sides. 

Foil is heat stamped on to the business cards to make a premium and unique look and feel with its ultra shiny surface. We have many foil stamping options.

Embossing is a great feature for making part of the card pushed up so that it creates a multi dimensional feel.

Custom Painted Edges. Many colors to choose from.

Standard 16-18 Business Days

Our production time is an estimate based on most standard orders and is not a guaranteed production time.

Production time is for print production only and any selected shipping service will increase overall time to receive order.

*Free local pickup is available in Tempe, Arizona at our retail location.

Total :$ 210.00

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