Business Cards - Spot UV

Custom Spot UV Business Cards are great looking and affordable! The 2 hit combo. 

I know what you are thinking... Why are they amazing? Spot UV business cards add a unique layer of design or highlight to an otherwise standard business card. The spot uv layer can be used as a way to contrast matte and gloss or add an additional layer of design or it can be used to accentuate a part of the text or an image.  Spot UV business cards can be on matte stock or silk laminated stock. 

To make a spot UV design is very easy. Simply make your design like normal with a front file and back file. Let's say you are only doing a spot uv layer on the front and you are going to leave the backside matte. You would then create an additional file for the front which is a file with black and white. (no grey) Think of white meaning off and black means on. Everything white will be matte and everything black will be spot uv...easy. If you need help, please contact us. 

Standard Production time: 6-8 Business Days

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Coating options for business cards. UV gloss is a very shiny glossy coating, matte has a dull finish and uncoated is a 14pt paper without any coating applied. 

Please note that it is very difficult to write on UV gloss coated products. Please take this into consideration when ordering your product.

Coating Options are:

  • Matte Coating with Spot UV on Front Only
  • Matte Coating with Spot UV on Back Only
  • Matte Coating with Spot UV on Both Sides
  • Silk Laminated with Spot UV on Front Only
  • Silk Laminated with Spot UV on Back Only
  • Silk Laminated with Spot UV on Both Sides

Corner cutting options

Total :$ 96.00

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