Brochure Booklet Printing

Brochures give a professional feel to your handouts. Allowing multiple areas for information, this product is a great way to pull in new clients as card card-body as keeping your current clients informed. Your artwork can include all the information your target audience needs to know about your company or group. Add pictures, websites and Facebook information to keep everyone in the loop. Brochures are available with a variety of folding options in various sizes. Trifold brochures are common with a three card fold. Standard Accordion folds are offered as 4-panels.

Standard Production time: 4-6 Business Days

  • General Information
  • Mailers
  • Conference
  • To Go Menus
  • Door Packets
  • Political Party Information

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Brochure Booklet Printing

Incorporating booklet printing services into your business shouldn’t be a catch all for all your products, services, and company information. Your audience’s attention is critical and focus is key. Just as with any other marketing tool, booklet printing must effectively deliver and convey your point without diversion

There are multiple paper stock coating, sizing and folding options regarding booklet and brochure printing, so which do you choose? 

First, identify the purpose of the booklets or business brochuresAre they to promote a product or service, or are they informational; highlighting your company’s history, achievements, and/or accolades? 

Each purpose warrants its own unique content, design, and custom booklet printing

Depending on which purpose you’ve chosen, consider the size and how many folds you need. This will depend on the information necessary to convey your message, and how the brochure or booklet will be presented. 

For example - a sales brochure booklet may require a tri-fold, allowing space and separation to highlight on the customers’ problem, your product or service’s solution to that problem, and the benefits for using your product or service. 

Who is your audience - existing customers/clientele or prospective customers?

How will the brochure booklets be delivered - direct mailer, handout, included in press kit, in-house promotional piece, all of the above?

Considering these will help to determine paper stock coating, size, quantity requirements, and ensure your business brochure complements your booklet’s content = maximum effectiveness. 


Choose & customize from one of our design templates, upload your own design, or create your own design using our online designer. 

Whichever custom printing online method you choose, get started on your booklet printing today! 

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